Frankenmuth Wedding Photography, Cassie Nicole


Wedding photographers are the only wedding vendor who will be with you the entire day on the most important day of your life. They are also the only vendor documenting everything that happens, producing the only record of all things beautiful, all of the love, and all of the people important enough to be a part of the festivities. 

Wedding photography has been a part of my life for the past 10 years. While I love being a Frankenmuth wedding photographer, I also love getting to travel throughout the state and country. I have even been lucky enough to shoot a few destination weddings.


I love capturing real moments full of love and happiness. Making my clients feel comfortable is my number one job. I know how important your wedding day is, and I have been to enough to know how to help you with planning out the perfect timeline to give you enough time to get all of the photos you would like, but also to have fun and relax throughout the day.